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Alexander First School

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At Alexander First School we believe that everyone – pupils, staff and parents, should feel valued and has a unique contribution to make. Partnership is key to our success and we pride ourselves on the positive relationship we have with our parents/carers and community.

Acquire knowledge: Knowledge is not only the practical understanding of a subject or way of thinking; it is a hunger for learning that envelopes your mind, and pushes you on to new horizons.


Prepare for the future: We recognise that our emotions play a major part in our ability to access learning, especially for our Service (Army) families who are subject to frequent moves and changes. Praise and encouragement is integral to everything we do. Ours school rules: Be ready Be respectful Be safe epitomise our aim to bring benefit to society and prepare for the future.


Research in action: Our actions and efforts are directly linked to the needs of our pupil population through action research. Action Research creates knowledge by and for those taking the action. It helps our staff be more effective at what we care about most- teaching and developing our pupils. Seeing our pupils grow and develop is the greatest joy teachers we can experience. This commitment is evidenced in our Governing Body committee comprising of academic research fellows.




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