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Alfriston School

About the school

Being the Head at Alfriston School is a fantastic opportunity for me to help redress the inequalities that I see in education.  We have the chance to make a real difference to the future life prospects of our girls.  Not only are girls less likely to have their special needs recognised and identified, but they are also more likely to be educated in an environment that is not suited to them.  Here at Alfriston we can tailor our curriculum, range of experiences and our environment to maximise their learning in both social and academic development.

I am fortunate to lead a talented staff who are both driven and passionate about the difference they can make to the lives of our young people.  My staff care about the individual child and we all pride ourselves in the warmth of our community in which all our pupils feel valued.  Happy children are more likely to be successful and we see it as our duty to bring out our girls’ talents, to broaden their interests and to develop their personal qualities.

Every day is different at Alfriston, a true reflection of the individuals who come here and thrive at every level.

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