The Avenue School

The Avenue School

About the school

The Avenue Special Needs Academy is a day special school for boys and girls from the age of 2 – 19 with complex Special Educational Needs.

Pupils at The Avenue School vary greatly in their needs, personalities and academic abilities. All will have at least a Severe Learning Difficulty and some will have Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD), Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), speech and language needs, physical needs and a combination of the above.

Pupils are grouped into mostly ability-based classes, though this can be on the basis of social ability or maturity rather than purely academic potential.

Our Vision

Education at The Avenue School is a process of discovery and uncovering for pupils and staff. Together we discover how each pupil can learn best and we uncover what has meaning and relevance for our pupils’ lives. As educators we aim to bring out and develop the learning capacities of each pupil. Our pupils will be enabled to enjoy quality of life through healthy living and positive relationships with self, peers, adults, community and environment. We will strive to support the development of the whole child so that each individual may fully realise their potential, experience the satisfaction that this brings and feel prepared for life beyond school.

Our Core Values and Beliefs

  • All children can learn and develop if given a caring, engaging and supportive environment
  • Learning takes place in many capacities of the child and the process is different for everyone
  • Difference is something to celebrate and enriches society
  • All individuals should be treated with dignity and respect
  • Children learn best when they are happy, healthy and having fun
  • Independence and self-determination play a central role in the development of positive self-esteem and are to be encouraged in our pupils
  • Our School and our local community are arenas for participation
  • Participation brings a sense of belonging and gives meaning to our lives when we are able to enjoy what is on offer and contribute in a positive way
  • Learning plays a central part in defining us as human beings capable of creative and positive growth
  • Long term goals should have relevance and meaning to the lives of our pupils and their families

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