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Beech Lodge School

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Beech Lodge School is a unique co-educational independent special school for children and young people who are unable to realise their potential in a conventional school setting.

Founded in 2013 the school opened with only 5 pupils in a small converted barn in Hurley. Over time we extended into a second building nearby and today we occupy wonderful spacious brand-new purpose-built buildings set in a beautiful tranquil environment with extensive grounds and state-of-the-art facilities for our pupils to thrive. In September 2019 we opened a new wing to accommodate our new Lionheart provision for children with Dyslexia giving us an increased capacity for 98 pupils.

We fondly refer to our pupils as “sparky square pegs in the round hole of education”. We give them the square hole in which to fit.

At Beech Lodge we provide an innovative and nurturing approach to education for those children who require an individually tailored learning environment to reach their academic potential, build social and life skills, have access to therapeutic and specialist interventions and above all the educational tools with which to flourish. Our pupils have a range of difficulties that mean they are unable to thrive in mainstream, from Dyslexia and Dyscalculia to Social and Emotional Difficulties, Anxiety and School Refusal. We do not cater for children with violent or aggressive behaviour.

Attachment theory underpins our entire school approach with a focus on the importance of relationships embedded throughout the whole school community. Alongside pupils’ academic progress, social and emotional development is a high priority at Beech Lodge, and it is from here that Fagus, the UK schools-wide educational resource for emotional and social development was created.

The School has recently (February 2020) had a full ISI Inspection from which our excellent reputation will be enhanced. Publication of the ISI Report is awaited. In 2017 the School ‘met all the standards of the Regulatory Compliance Inspection.

The School has recently (February 2020) had an Integrated ISI Inspection from which our excellent work was recognised. Amongst the myriad of excellent qualities, the report highlights include: “Pupils personal development is excellent, “The quality of pupils’ academic and other achievements is good”, “Pupils make excellent progress in developing positive attitudes to learning”, “Pupils’ behaviour is excellent, and a calm atmosphere pervades the school” and “Modelling of how to do things by staff is excellent”. The School also met all the standards of the Regulatory Compliance Inspection.

Beech Lodge was always intended to be an alternative school, a unique high-quality setting that puts the particular needs of our pupils first. We are very proud to have successfully achieved that aim.

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