Caversham Children’s Centre

Caversham Children’s Centre

About the school

We are a long established Nursery School within a purpose built site which has open access to the garden for all children to have a free flow play experience. We have a wonderful team of fully qualified and trainee Early Years Practitioners plus a Leading Teacher who is also our Inclusion Manager. We are really proud to be one of just five Local Authority Nursery Schools in Reading. This means that we are a School with a head teacher, a head of school, and have a section 5 Ofsted Inspection just like a Primary or Secondary School would have. We are also unique as we offer all year round care and education for children from birth to five. We are formally federated with New Bridge Nursery School which has the highly successful Snowflake Centre – a resource for young children with Autism and have recently entered into a soft federation with Blagdon Nursery School based in Whitley. As a federation of three Nursery Schools we are able to work together to share knowledge, resources and staff expertise.

Once you have had a look around the nursery and registered your child for a place there will be time during transition visits, to ask more questions, get to know us and feel comfortable, happy and settled. During your visits, you are welcome to join in activities, inside and outside. You will meet the team whose priority is to ensure your child has a positive learning experience with us.

Ultimately, we want you to feel as happy and secure at our Nursery as your child will. We hope they’ll feel as comfortable here as they do at home and enjoy playing, learning and progressing as we ignite creativity, curiosity and confidence, making every moment matter.

Come and see your child’s mind being challenged in our stimulating nursery environment.

Joanne Budge

Executive Head Teacher

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