Caversham Park Primary School

Caversham Park Primary School

About the school

Together we enjoy, create and achieve.

Our mission

To provide a happy, united school where we all achieve in a caring, supportive, respectful and creative environment.

Caversham Park Primary School, where the children, staff, governors and parents/carers enjoy working together in order to create and achieve.

We are delighted to welcome you to our school website which will give you an insight into the work of our school, its atmosphere and ethos. At Caversham Park Primary School, we aim to provide the best education for children, both academically and socially.

The Governing Body includes representatives of the Local Authority, parents and staff. Governors are appointed for a four year period. Parents elect their members and the staff theirs.

The Governing Body has responsibility for the appointment of staff, the internal maintenance of the building, the provision of a balanced national curriculum, including religious education and sex education, and the responsibility of the school’s finances, now delegated under Local Management of Schools. Committees have been set up to deal with these responsibilities. The Governing Body meets as least once a term and other committees more regularly.

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