Claremont Fan Court School

Claremont Fan Court School

About the school

We are a co-educational School, for children from 2½ to 18 years, situated just outside Esher, Surrey. The School is set in the historic landscaped grounds of the Claremont Estate.

Claremont Fan Court School was founded on a Christian ethos and we welcome children from all faiths and from none. We develop in our pupils the intellectual, cultural, physical and spiritual qualities that children must possess in their pursuit of excellence. Our ethos recognises, cares for, and values the potential of every pupil such that they can do more than they think is possible.

Vision and values 

Character Education is at the heart of our educational programme at Claremont Fan Court School. Growth in right-thinking and acting opens the way to a more truthful and expansive way of looking at oneself and others, providing a new perspective on perceived limitations and capabilities. Claremont Fan Court School aims to recognise, care for and value the potential of every student, fostering their love of learning and supporting them to high academic achievement, as well as furthering their education in sporting and cultural activities.

We have developed a unique programme for teaching character. This programme focuses specifically on a set of core values and recognises that developing these requires a comprehensive educational approach. A new character quality is introduced each month. The quality is used within assemblies, discussions, activities and curriculum work.

Our extensive co-curricular programme, offering over 60 co-curricular opportunities, enables every pupil to experience activities beyond the classroom in order to tap broader interests and extend talents.

The ISI Report January 2017 noted that: ‘Pupils show pride in their achievements in curricular and co-curricular activities . . . Parents and pupils agreed that these opportunities enhance pupil achievement’.

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  • Age Range: 2½ to 18
  • Gender: Mixed
  • Headteacher: William Brierly
  • Slogan: Be Strong in Understanding
  • No. on roll: 1,055
  • Address: Claremont Fan Court School, Claremont Drive, Esher, Surrey, KT10 9LY - Get Directions
  • Telephone: 01372 467841
  • Website:

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