Dedworth Middle School

Dedworth Middle School

About the school

At Dedworth Middle School, our aim is for every child to develop his or her potential to the full in a secure and happy environment. The programme of studies offered at Dedworth Middle School will present challenges and opportunities for all our children, in and outside the classroom. We want children to go home at the end of the day buzzing with ideas and further questions.

Dedworth Middle School sets its sights on being a centre of excellence where high levels of achievement are the norm, where beliefs and diversity are celebrated and where care and respect are paramount. We believe that the opportunities and experiences offered at Dedworth encourage our pupils to grow, becoming responsible citizens and enthusiastic, lifelong learners.

Our Aims

At Dedworth Middle school we aim to:

  • Promote a learning community which delivers personalised learning directed at the needs of the individual.
  • Deliver an enriched curriculum with a wide range of opportunities for all children to excel according to their various interests and aptitudes.
  • Nurture talents of all kinds and encourage each child to develop their intellectual, creative and physical abilities to the full.
  • Provide a caring community where all individuals are treated with fairness, respect and equality, enabling them to develop relationships based on tolerance, goodwill and sensitivity.
  • Develop links with the home environment by encouraging all family members to participate in the facilities on the Dedworth Site through the Extended Schools programme.

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