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Ditton Park Academy

About the school

About Ditton Park Academy

Ditton Park Academy is a mixed, mainstream secondary school located in Slough, Berkshire. The school has a sixth form and educates students within the 11-19 age range. Currently, there are 298 pupils.

Ditton Park Academy opened in 2014. It is currently housed in temporary accommodation and is due to move to a multi-million-pound purpose-built building in 2017. The academy is part of an innovative collaboration between the headteachers of the 13 secondary schools in Slough.


Nick Caulfield

Values and vision

Ditton Park Academy promotes an ethos of “active citizens”, whereby students are empowered to participate in decision making and provide input into the wellbeing, public service and economic sufficiency of their community. To help students achieve this, the secondary school is focused on providing an excellent teaching and learning environment that is inclusive and caters for students as individuals.

The secondary school’s aim to be an International Thinking School is supported by educational and workplace opportunities that are geared towards maximising achievement. Teachers work hard to deliver the right curriculum for students, along with a wide range of extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities.

Inspection report

“Teachers have excellent subject knowledge. Their planning is detailed, and includes differentiated learning outcomes and/or tasks to take into account the differing abilities of students. In several observed lessons there was evidence, from students’ books and from their understanding of topics, that the quality of teaching over time was at least good and sometimes outstanding. The behaviour of students is outstanding. Their conduct around the site is exemplary, both towards adults and each other. They move safely around the narrow corridors and staircases showing care and respect for others. They look smart, and wear their uniforms with pride.  The academy benefits from the strong and clear-sighted leadership of the principal and the leadership team. There is a clear vision of what this newly-established free school is aiming to achieve, which is shared by all members of the academy.”

These comments are from a “Mocksted” report carried out by an education consultant. Ditton Park Academy has not yet received a full Ofsted inspection.

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