Durlston Court Prep School

Durlston Court Prep School

About the school

Durlston Court is a wonderful school in a wonderful environment, situated on the border of Hampshire and Dorset, at the edge of the New Forest and by the sea!

Our purpose is to provide a first class Prep School education for every child. This starts in our wonderful Kindergarten (age two upwards), through our Pre-Prep Department (Reception to Year 2) and then onto the Middle (Year 3 to 5) and Senior (Year 5 to 8) Schools. Whenever your child joins the school you can be sure that we develop happy, confident and successful children who flourish in an inspiring and nurturing environment where learning opportunities are limitless. Excellence, integrity and challenge are fostered as core values of the Durlston Family. Our children are prepared to face challenges and to fully engage and thrive in the world of today and tomorrow.

A preparatory school prepares a child for the next stage in his or her educational journey, and beyond. We are proud that we do this so well.  Durlston Court has a long standing reputation for all-round educational excellence, confirmed by the highest inspection rating possible. We focus on good manners and behaviour whilst promoting ever evolving tailor-made challenges for each child within the Durlston Family – a cohesive and mutually supportive unit. We look forward to encouraging the mindset and skills that will enable all to flourish post-Durlston.

Our children will be ready for the future – any future. In the world of endless opportunities that awaits them, our learning without limits philosophy will ensure that our pupils will be open to all possibilities and equipped to deal with the challenges ahead.

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