Edgbarrow School

Edgbarrow School

About the school

Edgbarrow is a centre of learning for our students. We believe in setting the highest standards in all areas of school life, focused around learning, relationships and mutual respect. Edgbarrow recognises students as individuals and encourages them to reach their full potential. Focusing on the quality of learning is a priority for us all, which has led to our students achieving some outstanding results.


The values of the school underpin our belief and desire that students develop both academically and socially during their time with us. It is our aim that students should come to understand that they should care for themselves and for others. This development of the whole person is the best achieved when home and school work together.

We endeavour to secure a structured and orderly learning environment giving all pupils equal opportunity to grow in an atmosphere which values effort and achievement. Different styles of teaching and learning and good relationships make it a school where pupils wish to be.

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