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About Farlington School

Farlington is an independent day and boarding school for girls and boys aged 4 to 18, located just outside Horsham, on the borders of West Sussex and Surrey.

A Farlington education can be summed up in our three core values:
IndividualityOpportunity and Community. Individuality is celebrated, opportunities abound, and every member of the school is recognised as a valued and valuable member of our tight-knit community.

We are intentionally, and proud to be, a smaller school where strong friendships are forged, where the emphasis is on respect for others, teamwork and collective responsibility. At Farlington, every student has a voice, an opportunity to shine, and is encouraged to participate. Our friendly, cohesive community and positive pupil-to-teacher ratio foster an environment where ambition is never stifled, where existing talents are honed and new ones are discovered, where inquisitive minds are developed and where students grasp every opportunity that comes their way. ALL our students are given the time, space and confidence to think for themselves, to pursue their personal goals, and to make a positive contribution to the school. Students are encouraged to be bold and aim high, take risks, and challenge themselves; parents can be secure in the knowledge that their child is doing this in an environment where pastoral care and student wellbeing are firmly at the heart of all we do. When they leave us, our students are confident, happy and well-rounded – and prepared for and excited by the future that awaits them.

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Senior Lab Technician new Technician
Farlington School Horsham Jan, 20 UnspecifiedFeb, 04
Farlington requires a Senior Science Technician to be responsible for the provision and supervision of all technical science services to support the teaching of Science up to A Level
Head of Maintenance Facilities
Farlington School Horsham Jan, 06 CompetitiveJan, 21
The Head of Maintenance is responsible for the management of the School’s buildings, their infrastructure and services in order to maintain a safe, healthy and pleasant environment.


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