Forest School

Forest School

About the school

At “The Forest” we aim to prepare our learners to play a full and positive role in their communities, both now and into the future. We are a specialist Business and Enterprise school, and believe in setting the highest possible standard in everything we do. We promote a “can do” attitude and are very proud of our academic, sporting and cultural achievements, which reflects our emphasis on providing a well-balanced education for all our boys.

Recent highlights include securing our best ever GCSE results in 2008, being recognised as adding exceptional value for our students by the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust, by our U14’s reaching the National Cup Final in 2009 and being invited to play three international fixtures, and by OFSTED judging us to be never less than “Good” in 38 separate categories in March 2009.

We seek to establish a purposeful and happy environment for all at “The Forest” through partnerships with the wider community, effective use of resources and by providing an unusually diverse range of relevant and interesting experiences.

The Aims of the School

  • To give every student the opportunity to fulfil his potential academically, socially and physically.
  • To create a stimulating and secure environment which enhances and enriches the lives of all our students and enables every pupil to feel happy and safe.
  • To foster a school culture in which respect for the individual, his culture, his needs, hisproblems and his feelings directs the daily actions of everyone who is employed in the school, and who attends the school as a student.
  • To encourage pride in achievement in all areas of activity in students of all abilities. To reward and make known such achievements.
  • To prepare our students for their future role in society not only as honest, industrious, reliable and creative workers but more importantly, for the future of our society as responsible adults, at work and at home.

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