Foundry College

Foundry College

About the school

Foundry College was created in September 2011 from an amalgamation of Local Authority services. We are a Pupil Referral Unit (PRU), based in Wokingham and we fulfill the Local Authority’s statutory requirement to provide education and support to pupils who have been permanently excluded or are at risk of permanent exclusion, as well as those with medical needs who cannot attend school regularly.

In addition to a full time education provision at its premises, Foundry also provides a range of outreach services to support pupils from Wokingham’s mainstream schools who have social, emotional and mental health issues, special educational needs and disabilities, poor attendance and those benefiting from alternative provision.

We have a unique ethos and provide a safe, respectful learning environment for the wide range of pupils in our care, enabling them to thrive. We recognise that some children require a period of stability, allowing them to acquire skills for learning and self-regulation strategies. Our teaching methods recognise the need for pupils to acquire essential characteristics of good learners, such as independence, resilience and reflectivity.

We aim to create bespoke programmes for young people who face challenges and barriers to their education.  We offer academic, vocational and alternative educational opportunities with the aim of aiding young people to re-engage with education and to prepare them for life beyond education.

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