Fun Fest Uxbridge

Fun Fest Uxbridge

About the school

Fun Fest holiday club Uxbridge is delighted to have use of the grounds and facilities of St Mary’s Catholic Primary School which is conveniently situated to the West of Uxbridge and within walking distance of the centre and the tube station.

Fun Fest Holiday Clubs give children the freedom to choose and the power to play.  They empower children by giving them a choice of activities every morning and afternoon.  With activities such as Lego Adventure, Nerf Challenge, Beauty School, Dynamic Dinosaurs, Cupcake Heaven, Mission Impossible and Great Outdoors as well as a host of different sports and creative sessions, there is always something to appeal to every child.

Ofsted registered for early years, Fun Fest Uxbridge takes children from 3 years old for the full working day.  It is run by experienced childcare professionals and the price you see is the price you pay for the whole day with no additional charges for activities, or different start or finish times.

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