Gillotts School

Gillotts School

About the school

As individuals – we value –
everyone as an individual, capable of growth, change and development; self-respect; self-belief; courage, humour; honesty; integrity; dedication;commitment; generosity of spirit; flexibility; vision; initiative; open-mindedness

In our professional relationships with each other – we value –
all staff, whatever their role; clarity in determining roles and responsibilities; respect for the unique contribution of different parts of the curriculum; effective communication; transparency; teamwork; good timekeeping; pride in our achievements; professional development; confidence in each other’s support

In our relationships with our students – we value –
justice; equality; mutual respect; fairness; consistency; courtesy; high expectations; trust; achievement

In the experience of learning in our school – we value –
the joy of learning; creativity; a spirit of enquiry; risk-taking; exploration of ideas; challenge; raising aspiration; inclusion; hard work; celebration of achievement; freedom to express ideas and views; opportunities for reflection; sense of purpose; inventiveness; independence; rigour; mistakes as means of learning

In our capacity as a community school – we value –
partnership with parents, governors and the wider community; lifelong learning; human rights; preparing young people to become effective, responsible citizens; skills for life and for work

In our environment – we value –
an atmosphere conducive to learning; safety; respect for property; healthy living; sustainability

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