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Glendower Preparatory School

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A Brief History of Glendower Prep School

The school was started in 1895 by Miss Lloyd and Miss Cornwall at 103A Fulham Road. At that point the school, known as the Cornwall and Lloyd School, shared premises with Dunn and Co the hatters and The Sports Motor Car Co.

At some point between 1902 and 1918, the school moved to 5 Glendower Road and changed its name to Glendower School. After 2 years in Glendower Road, the school relocated once more, this time to 25 – 27 Cromwell Road.

The school remained at this site from 1920 until 1939 when the Second World War forced an evacuation to Cornwall. Glendower moved into 87 Queen’s Gate in 1947 where it has remained with some extension and expansion until the present day.


At Glendower we aim to do more than simply teach young children. Rather we introduce them to the pleasure and excitement of learning, stimulating their curiosity, their imagination and competitive spirit and developing their critical thinking skills.

Along the way they learn that nothing worthwhile is achieved without effort. They also come to understand that effort and achievement bring pleasure, confidence and enduring satisfaction.

Glendower is a happy school and a successful one. We provide a stimulating environment which engenders a natural sense of awe and wonder in children. Whilst our academic record is outstanding, we are equally concerned with fostering the kind of skills that help young girls grow into capable young women with a sense of self-worth and a developing awareness of the contribution which they can make to society as a whole.

The performing arts are important here. Originality and talent are applauded, encouraged and celebrated. We also have a very strong sporting tradition where girls learn the value and advantages of teamwork. Our girls are healthily competitive. They are also supportive of each other, with a great sense of fair play.

Whilst our curriculum is broad-based and balanced, our values are traditional. Within the context of a multi-cultural society, the girls learn and practise tolerance and understanding. We believe in courtesy, consideration and personal responsibility. We teach respect for fellow pupils, their school and environment as well as the wider community. We prepare young girls for the outside world by teaching them to be confident and capable, ready to share their talents, to meet challenges and to make the most of their opportunities. Most of all, we teach them to believe in themselves.

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