High March School

High March School

About the school

About High March School

High March is a thriving preparatory school for girls aged 3 to 11 with a co-educational Nursery. Children come from the local area and our intake is mixed ability. Academic expectations are high and pupils at the School are regularly awarded scholarships or gain places at some of the most prestigious independent senior schools. The School also has an excellent record in the Bucks County 11+ selection tests.

The School is divided into a Junior House for children aged 3 to 7 and an Upper School for children aged 7 to 11. Music, Art, Drama and Sport are all valued at the School with specialist-teaching rooms and the School is well resourced with excellent facilities and equipment. Class sizes are small with a maximum class size of 20 pupils and subject specialists teach the children from Year 4. Class teachers teach the children up to Year 3, with specialist teaching in some subject areas.

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