Homefield Preparatory School

Homefield Preparatory School

About the school

As one of the oldest prep schools in England, Homefield has been renowned for its academic success and family atmosphere since 1870. A safe and happy environment, with a real depth of specialist teaching ensures the fulfilment of our boys’ individual potential. We offer a truly cosmopolitan school, our rich diversity a real strength. A generous education should be aimed at knowledge and skill, but also at building good character.

Recently, the Covid-19 crisis saw our community strengthen. Our response was emphatic. No boy was going to be left behind. We provided Key Worker provision and a depth and range of online and live learning to raise the bar in both academics and wellbeing. Externally validated assessment showed our boys still significantly ahead of national standards. Please click here to read parent views.

Last year our boys received a phenomenal 27 grammar school offers. At Homefield we produce well-rounded boys who go on to some of the very best senior schools in the country. These expectations are not around undue pressure to pass exams. We encourage an enlightened individual who “can do all things if he will”. Creative, inquisitive and inventive.

As a charitable trust since the 1960s, a keen sense of civic and community responsibility is important to us. We believe that positive values influence character and attitude. In the 21st century it’s more important than ever for our boys to feel rooted within a strong moral community.

Mr John Towers


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