Hurtwood House

Hurtwood House

About the school

Step into the most exciting School in England!

Hurtwood combines the best elements of the traditional boarding school system with the best elements of the modern sixth form college to create a wholly unique and individual establishment.

While breaking new ground educationally, it has retained traditional values and has created an inspirational but safe stepping-stone between school and university.

This is a school driven by a passion for creativity and a respect for academic rigour, a small school with a distinctive voice which is less formal and less institutional than traditional public schools.

The students who come to Hurtwood House have usually been happy and successful at their former school, but they are now ready for fresh challenges.

They have reached an age when they feel that the learning methods and the lifestyle that worked for them when they were younger are no longer going to be as effective for them in the sixth form. At Hurtwood, they discover an intellectual and social environment closer to that of a university.

You are likely to be struck by the maturity of Hurtwood students and by the fact that they are already moving forward in life as happy, well-rounded and self-confident young adults.

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