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LVS Oxford

About the school

LVS Oxford is a special school for autism, offering day placements to young people with autism aged 11-19.

With a structured educational environment and an approach that focuses on developing young people’s independence and confidence, whilst equipping them with the functional skills needed for employment and dealing with everyday life, pupils diagnosed with autism will really progress with us.

Our experienced team of teachers and teaching assistants are passionate about providing a positive and nurturing learning environment for young people with a diagnosis of autism.

We have created a specialist curriculum underpinned by our three areas for development:

  • Learning
  • Growing
  • Achieving

We have a therapy team on-site which includes a speech & language therapist, an occupational therapist and a qualified nurse.

LVS Oxford is an autism school in Oxfordshire owned and managed by the Licensed Trade Charity, a charity that has been supporting workers in the licensed trade for over 220 years.

LVS Oxford is registered and listed on The CCRAG Providers Database. The DFE registration number for LVS Oxford is 931/6015.

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LVS Oxford Oxford May, 28 Competitive Salary & BenefitsJun, 28
LVS Oxford is a specialist school for neurodiverse young people aged 11-19.
Learning Support Assistant Teaching Assistant
LVS Oxford Oxford May, 28 Competitive salary & benefitsJun, 28
You should be a great team player and an excellent communicator as some of our students may display challenging behaviour and need support on a one-to-one basis.


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