Maiden Erlegh Chiltern Edge

Maiden Erlegh Chiltern Edge

About the school

Maiden Erlegh Chiltern Edge is a small but growing community secondary school serving the families of South Oxfordshire and North Reading.

The school joined Maiden Erlegh Trust in August 2018 and are on a journey of improvement.

Expectations of ourselves, our students and the wider community of the school are high.  We provide a rich and varied curriculum as well as an extensive range of extra-curricular and sporting activities.

Maiden Erlegh Chiltern Edge students are confident, talented, inspirational and have a hunger to learn.  The greater the challenge, the more they achieve.

Being part of the Maiden Erlegh Trust means everyone benefits from a wealth of experience in inspiring young people to achieve their full potential.  Staff are dedicated and hard working professionals.

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Maiden Erlegh Chiltern Edge Reading May, 06 MPR/UPR + TLR2b £4,944May, 11
Maiden Erlegh Chiltern Edge was recently part of a successful bid by the Maiden Erlegh Trust to become one of only 22 behaviour hubs supporting Schools nationally.


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