Maidenhead Nursery School

Maidenhead Nursery School

About the school

Our school community believes that our vision can be achieved by:

1. Putting the children’s learning at the heart of everything we do to empower children to;

  • Explore, discover and make sense of their world
  • Make choices, take decisions and develop independence
  • Play with others, learning the skills of social interaction
  • Develop an appreciation for their learning environment and therefore learn to treat the environment with care and respect
  • Follow their own learning journeys developing self esteem, self confidence and a sense of their own identity

2. Providing a caring and supportive environment in which the contributions of all children are valued enabling them to fulfil their potential

3. Being an inclusive setting that appreciates the uniqueness of the individual child, regardless of ability and experience, and the wonderful diversity of the local community

4. Celebrating the successes of all individuals no matter how small, to develop a committed and appreciative learning community

5. Establishing dynamic, innovative and creative practice based on research into how young children learn

6. Involving the whole community in the day to day life of the school to enrich the children’s learning opportunities

7. A commitment to the professional development of all staff to extend their knowledge, understanding and skills of early years education to build capacity and secure continuous school improvement

8. Maximising the interdependent relationships of all adults and children involved in the setting enabling us to work together to secure the best possible outcomes for children.

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