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About Mayfield School

At Mayfield School we aim to educate the student’s mind, soul, heart and body in partnership with parents, so that each individual may develop: inner confidence, an unshakeable framework of spiritual values, strong moral principles, a deep capacity for compassion, and the knowledge, intellectual curiosity and training to continue learning throughout life; the confidence to become what they want to be, but make that self just what our Lord wants it to be.

We believe that our boarding experience is one of our strongest assets – it stimulates lifelong friendships and family loyalty to the school. It strengthens our work hard, play hard ethos. Our community is a temporary home for about half of our students and it prepares girls for independent life at university and beyond.

Our extra curricular activities programme is designed to compliment and support the girls’ curriculum studies and enhance the boarding experience. By combining their academic studies with creative and physical activities outside of the school day, girls learn to balance their activities with their studies and give equal commitment to both.

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