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Meadowbrook College

About the school

Meadowbrook College is an all-through Alternative Provision (AP) Academy, within the Radcliffe Academy Trust.  Our aim is to provide exceptional education and alternative provision for children and young people aged 5-16 in Oxfordshire and beyond.  We work to prepare and equip our students with the necessary skills and tools to successfully move onto their next ‘destination’ be this a transition to a new school, college, employment or training.

Our students first need to build their self-esteem, capacity and confidence and to experience success when learning – they have often forgotten what this feels like.  Learning takes place in small, well-supported groups of between 6-8 pupils.  We have a variety of talented staff working with our youngsters including Teachers, Coach Mentors, Learning Mentors, Therapists, Lead Trainers, School Nurse.

Our older students follow a broad curriculum including Maths, English, Personal & Social Development, Work Skills and choose from a wide variety of additional subjects including: Art, Photography, Music, Sport, Construction, Childcare, Hair & Beauty, Hospitality/Cooking and Boxing, Our KS3 students hopefully only spend short periods of time with us.  We have created bespoke education programmes for these students which primarily focus on self-management skills.  We also ensure that where KS3 students stay with us for longer periods of time that they continue to study a variety of subjects including English, Maths, PSD/Work Skills, Sport, Art.  KS1/2 students follow a topic based curriculum which includes English, Maths, Art, Humanities, Sport, Science, PSD focused learning.

We want all our students to be successful in a new school so we focus on them experiencing success in the classroom and learning the skills needed to work alongside their peers whilst being able to manage their behaviours when they find their learning experience becoming difficult.

We unashamedly believe that all our students can achieve academically.  Being successful in their subjects unlocks doors for future progress. We work hard to prepare them to compete alongside their peers when applying and interviewing for further education places, apprenticeships or employment.  Work experience is a feature of the year 10 and 11 provision and consists of long term placements one day-a-week, which gives students time to develop their skills and grow more confident in the ‘real world’.

A key feature of Meadowbrook College is our strong commitment to the adoption of Restorative Principles and Practice. These underpin all aspects of our community, supporting positive behaviour and relationships and underpinning quality teaching and learning.

We work very closely with parents, schools and outside agencies who are engaged with our students.  This allows us to offer an extra dimension of support to ensure our students are given the best chance of success whilst with us at the college.

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