Oldfield School

Oldfield School

About the school

Oldfield School is a co-educational academy school based in Bath and North East Somerset for students aged 11-18. It is a non-denominational school.


Steven Mackay

Values and vision

The central philosophy on which the curriculum of Oldfield School is based is that all students are of equal worth and that each has an entitlement to a properly planned and delivered education that is broad, balanced, relevant, coherent and differentiated.

The school has high expectations which permeate all aspects of school life – such as behaviour, attendance, uniform, and homework. It believes students like to know that boundaries are set.

The school firmly believes that students need to develop the skills to work independently and to practice and extend skills learned in school. Its new Learning Resource Centre, fully equipped with books and computers, is also open to allow students to study at school after the normal school day.


“Much high quality learning extends beyond the classroom, through regular homework, internet-based learning packages and additional study sessions at lunchtimes. Students’ work is regularly and helpfully assessed and their progress rigorously monitored. Any underachievement is swiftly identified and addressed. Parents and students have a high regard for the school. They value the many opportunities for students to take on responsibilities and join clubs which promote their cultural, artistic or sporting interests. Students’ behaviour in and outside of lessons is impeccable. Students are polite, courteous, helpful and constructive.”

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