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Pegasus School

About the school

Our Vision as a school is to embrace our mission statement to ensure ‘all our pupils aquire the knowledge and skills essential to achieve their full potential and become active compassionate citizens of the future’.

We aim to achieve this through the underpinning of our school values: Respect, Determination, Creativity, Enthusiasm , Confidence and Ambition.  These values are the key drivers for our curriculum and all that we do at Pegasus.

Key principles to our vision:

  • Emotional health and nurturing for learning are central to our success. We know every child can learn to believe in themselves and others, and the sound relationships that form through our approach allow even the most vulnerable or challenging children to thrive and flourish. As a school we have adopted Conscious Discipline to support the emotional development of our pupils.
  • High quality teaching and learning that inspires every child and helps them grow in independence and understanding themselves as a learner. We want every child to feel that learning is intrinsically joyful and something precious that is relevant and accessible to them. We accept no excuses – learning is for every child throughout their time with us and beyond.
  • High aspirations mean that we want every child to develop the skills, enthusiasm and self-belief to be successful. We offer a rich and varied range of opportunities to secure this.The academy develops and extends opportunities to interact and work in the world beyond school.
  • An innovative, challenging and exciting curriculum : please see our learning pages.
  • Being open to seeing things differently or from another point of view is a crucial skill we develop. Our teachers model this in all aspects of their relationships with children and with their own work. We need all of our school community to be innovative and entrepreneurial and to demonstrate tenacity to see things through.
  • Courage, self-belief and stamina with a critical approach for adults and for children is key to our work. Our teachers model this and develop an approach to learning that promotes these attributes from the very start of school.
  • Sharing the joy of learning with families and the wider community marks our academy approach. The range and scale of activities is simply huge – working together to pick apples and turn them unto juice or perhaps mincemeat, a shared visit to a local forest. Each activity enriches the learning of our children, and helps put learning at the centre of our community.

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