Phoenix College

Phoenix College

About the school

A Community (S)EBSD Day School for 64 secondary age boys (currently 11-16, re-designation for year 12 provision in Sept 2014)

‘The Principal has established a strong ethos and ambition in the college and belief in staff to make a real difference.’
OFSTED September 2011

‘The students’ outstanding progress in personal development reflects the school’s strong management of behaviour and its emphasis on moral and social values’.
OFSTED April 2009

‘The school provides a high standard of care, and safeguarding procedures exceed national expectations. The staff support students outstandingly well’.
OFSTED April 2009

Phoenix College is a special school in Reading, Berkshire. Students whose main special needs and barrier to learning are Emotional, Behavioural and Social disorders (EBSD). All currently have a statement of SEN or are in the process of being statemented. Most have been permanently excluded, at least once, from mainstream schools and a few from other special schools. In the current climate of the need to reduce exclusion numbers, Phoenix works cooperatively with the LA’s to promote speedy managed moves for those students who are in ‘danger of permanent exclusion’ from mainstream schools, or whose assessments, whilst in a PRU, show that a return to mainstream schooling is not appropriate. Student needs have become more complex and the school now provides for a wider range of needs, including A- typical Autism and Inobstructive Aspergers.

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  • Age Range: 11-16
  • Gender: Boys
  • Headteacher: Eleanor Hatchett
  • No. on roll: 64
  • Address: 40 Christchurch Road, Reading, Berkshire, RG2 7AY
  • Telephone: 0118 937 5524
  • Fax: 0118 937 5688
  • Website:

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