Redlands Primary School

Redlands Primary School

About the school

We aim to foster a ‘growth mindset’ culture at Redlands. The children understand that, in order to learn, they must be brave and make mistakes, and this allows them to tackle challenges they wouldn’t have attempted before. We truly believe a fixed mindset is a huge barrier to learning. Those with a ‘fixed’ mindset will only tackle tasks which they know, in advance, they will succeed at. Those with a ‘growth’ mindset will not only willingly tackle difficult tasks, but will actively thrive on them. Our aim therefore must be to develop a growth mindset for all our pupils, for ourselves and for all adults involved in working with the children. Our school provides a stimulating, creative, enriched curriculum which challenges all children to achieve both academically and socially. We benefit from strong partnerships with parents and members of our community and we aim, in return, to play our part in local life.


We firmly believe that Redlands has something very special to offer.

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