Redmaids’ High Junior School

Redmaids’ High Junior School

About the school

A place to bring out the best in girls

Girls can join our independent Junior School from Year 3. A place where they can strive to discover their strengths, address weaknesses and become curious, learning adventurers.

Our warm, nurturing pastoral care combined with high expectations of positive attitudes, determination and achievement, create confident learners who are willing to take a risk. Making a mistake is part of the learning process and our girls learn that this equates to making progress.

A challenging and fulfilling curriculum

We have designed our broad academic curriculum to stretch, challenge and stimulate. But whilst our girls always aim high to fulfil their potential, they also know how to have fun.

Using the latest Apple technology our skilled and dedicated teachers provide stimulating educational experiences. The girls themselves use iPads, integrating IT into the working day, and laptops to help them develop mouse control and touch-typing skills.

Of course girls will also benefit from tried and tested teaching methods to provide the essential foundation for learning. Multiplication tables, spelling, grammar and handwriting skills all have an important part to play. We also encourage a love of reading, which will be reflected in the quantity and quality of books girls devour. So important is our well-stocked library that it sits at the very heart of our school.

Broadening horizons

We introduce foreign language and culture at an early age to encourage an international awareness. All Junior School girls learn French and we teach Latin in the upper school. STEM activities such as film animation, robotics, science workshops and maths competitions challenge students intellectually and give young minds a head start in the modern world.

Encouraging personal expression

Our extensive art, music and drama programmes enrich aesthetic and creative development.

Music is an important part of life here and we offer one to one music lessons, which most girls take advantage of. We know they love to perform and give them every chance to do so. If your daughter enjoys acting she will be busy too. Everyone takes part in junior school productions and many girls also opt for private speech and drama lessons.

Sport for all

Sport has a major place in the curriculum and there is something for everyone. We want all our girls to have fun and to reach their full potential – regardless of ability – so we introduce them to a wide variety of sports. All girls also enjoy weekly swimming lessons.

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