Riverside Primary School & Nursery

Riverside Primary School & Nursery

About the school

Everyone at Riverside, staff and Governors, strives to provide the highest standard of educational opportunities for our children.  Our vision for Riverside is to provide the highest quality of teaching and extra-curricular activities. We offer all our children an enjoyable and stimulating learning environment underlined by traditional values of discipline, self-reliance, courtesy, knowing right from wrong and respecting others.

The first-rate team of teachers and support staff act as role models, educating and nurturing each child to bring out their individual strengths and achievements and to enable them to become capable, caring and confident citizens of the future. To achieve our aims, we work closely with parents so that we understand the needs of your children and to address any concerns or anxieties that you may have.

We warmly invite you to come and visit us at Riverside School and to see for yourselves the range of experiences we can offer your child. I am pleased that you have visited our website and look forward to meeting some of you soon.

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