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Salesian College Farnborough is much more than an institution of learning – it is a vibrant centre of excellence embracing students, staff, parents, the Salesian Community and Governors.

The College was founded in 1901 by the Salesian Community.  In 1988 the running of the College was formally passed to a Governing Body.  More recently, the College management has been further strengthened by the establishment of a charitable company limited by guarantee.  The College’s land and buildings are leased from the Salesian Community and the Community remains a supportive and visible presence in the College.

The Governors believe in and expect the College to implement a programme of continuous improvement.  They believe that the ongoing success of the College depends upon everybody working together in a committed and united fashion towards common goals.

Recent visible examples of these improvements include:

  • a major building project involving the opening of the new McGuinness Music School alongside the Sean Devereux Sixth Form Centre;
  • an on-going programme of improvement to classroom accommodation including the re-fitting of our science laboratories; and
  • a significant investment in ICT

The current College roll is 638 which includes 138 in the Sixth Form.  Pressure for places has increased in recent years and this follows a general trend of the College becoming more sought after.  Sixth Form numbers have risen significantly as co-education becomes embedded post-16.  The College’s exam results, both at GCSE and ‘A’ level, reflect its standing as a leading independent grammar school.

As an employer, the College is proud that its pastoral care is viewed as “outstanding” (latest ISI Report).  We are equally proud that our staff, students and parents show tangible concern for those who are less fortunate through many charitable activities.  However, we are not complacent.  We know that we can always do more.  We also know that our staff and particularly our Head are vital to this work.

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