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Shaftesbury Park Primary School

About the school

Welcome to Shaftesbury Park, an award-winning, innovative community primary school in the heart of Battersea. Our diverse intake and inclusive ethos, based on our deep understanding of the United Nations Convention Rights of the Child, has enabled us to develop a mutually respectful and positive learning environment where our pupils are encouraged to play a valuable role in our school, the local community and the wider world.

Our use of the International Primary Curriculum to teach subjects in a comprehensive, thematic and creative way instills international mindedness and encourages self-directed learning within our pupils.  From this foundation, our children have the choice of learning in either a Bilingual or Enterprise stream.  Our teaching is dynamic and ambitious, empowering our children to think about the world they live in, broaden their horizons and to contribute to causes that can change and improve their world. We are committed to developing an enterprising future generation that values the importance of mutual respect and cultural awareness and will be better equipped to confidently take their place in an increasingly global future.

We are proud of our success in the work that we do and in September 2018 we became the first school in the UK to be awarded the prestigious LabelfrancEducation, a quality seal from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development, granted to schools outside France with ‘French Bilingual Sections of extremely high quality’.

We are also the proud recipients of the British Council International School Award in recognition of our work to bring the world into the classroom and of our efforts to help all our pupils to develop the skills necessary for successful lives and careers in an increasingly global and interconnected world.

Since 2015, Shaftesbury Park has consistently been in the top 5% nationally in terms of pupil progress. We believe that our high academic results is the product of all that our school embraces, providing an optimum context where our children can make the best progress and reach the highest possible standards that they can in all aspects of their development.

Thank you for taking an interest in our happy and hardworking school.

Mrs Bunmi Richards


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