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St Catherine’s School

About the school

About St Catherine’s School

St Catherine’s School, Bramley, an independent boarding and day school for girls aged 4 -18. Founded in 1885, the school enjoys over a century of tradition and prides itself on its own very special blend of academic excellence and pastoral care.

As a girls’ school St Catherine’s ensures that its students develop in an environment which suggests to them in everything they see around them that there is nothing that a woman cannot achieve.

They gain a balanced view of the world and their place in it and, with that sense of fearlessness and security, and the confidence it generates, I believe that St Catherine’s girls will continue to be very well placed to pursue their education when they leave school at eighteen as sensible, caring and competent young women who will have much to offer in life.

Academic results are important – the school is comfortably placed in the infamous league tables – but we believe that there is much more to an all round education for the young women of the 21st century. The breadth of opportunity afforded to our students and the special atmosphere of support and encouragement which is the hallmark of the school allow St Catherine’s to enjoy a reputation as a happy school for bright girls. The philosophy that happiness at school is the key to success and enjoyment for every individual underpins everything we do.

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