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“Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself”. Such words by George Bernard Shaw, (a former resident of our main School House), perfectly encapsulate the ethos we undertake to instil in every pupil at St. Ed’s. A traditional education with a modern twist, we encourage our children to be themselves; we allow them a voice and we listen to what they have to say. In its 142nd year, St. Edmund’s inspires a foundation of decency in every pupil priming them with the time-honoured values of respect and humility. Two attributes that are scarce in many aspects of society these days, but standards that are vital for achieving success in today’s challenging and ever changing world.

With these principles at the heart of school life, it is of natural consequence that St. Ed’s culture of superior academic standards and exceptional pastoral care are complemented by our commitment to small class sizes and a dedication to the practice of Learning Outside the Classroom. Of equal importance are the discoveries, excitements and good old-fashioned fun that St. Edmund’s creates inside our 40 beautiful acres endorsed by the excellent facilities we are fortunate enough to offer, including an immaculate golf course and indoor swimming pool. These attributes together with our pioneering and thriving Optional Saturday Activities Programme allow our pupils to sample and enjoy a wealth of activities that enrich our busy curriculum.

You join us at an interesting time. Pupil numbers are at their highest level in the school’s 140 year history, yet we successfully retain that small school ethos where we know every pupil well and where every child makes a difference to our community. Our recent expansion to GCSE demonstrates our steadfast commitment to our pupils’ achievements and future opportunities whilst also further developing the St. Ed’s experience in its entirety.

During our ISI Inspection last year, The Inspectors captured the real essence of life at St. Ed’s, commenting “Pupils have positive attitudes to learning and they are well motivated. They show exemplary behaviour and their care for each other is special”. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

I hope that you enjoy browsing through our website – we aim to give you a flavour of the unique and at times quirky experiences available for your child. If you think that you might be developing a taste for us then do come to see for yourself what it is that makes St. Edmund’s so special – you will be very welcome.

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