St Joseph’s Catholic High School

St Joseph’s Catholic High School

About the school

Our mission is to unlock the belief in all children through the experience of the love of Christ within the presence of each other, the staff, our parents and the Church.

By working together we aim to deliver an education that is second to none within an unashamedly Catholic atmosphere that equips our next generation in a combination of intellect and Spirit, faith and reason, prayer and action, to lead and challenge society for the better.

We are inspired by St Joseph, patron Saint of workers and a member of the Holy Family. We aim to create a place where children aren’t just loved but that they know they are loved. It is this ethos that enables our children to become academically successful. Here, all children are developed according to their ability and we make every effort to ensure that we reach out to all regardless of background.

You’ll experience a happy atmosphere at St. Joseph’s in which the dignity and worth of each pupil and member of staff is recognised, developed and safeguarded. Our school is recognised for its atmosphere of welcome where all feel at home in a sense of safety and security. Staff are willing to be present with the pupils in friendship and to go that one step further, where this is necessary, to meet the needs of young people.

Ciran Stapleton, Head Teacher

As a family of Catholic schools, the shape of the St Thomas Catholic Academies Trust (STCAT) is based on Catholic Social Teaching, which highlights two core principles:

– Solidarity – one family of schools, sharing with, supporting, and inspiring one another.

– Subsidiarity – decisions and responsibility taken at the most appropriate local level.

The structure of governance in STCAT reflects this shape Board of Directors.

In keeping with the subsidiarity principle, we believe that every school is unique, just as every person is. Thus, each school in STCAT is encouraged to maintain and develop its own identity, ethos, and mission under the over-arching STCAT banner: ‘The Glory of God is a Human Being Fully Alive’.

Dr Elizabeth Duffy, Chair of Directors

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