St Richard Reynolds Catholic College

St Richard Reynolds Catholic College

About the school

St Richard Reynolds Catholic College is a federation of St Richard Reynolds Catholic Primary School and St Richard Reynolds Catholic High School which includes a sixth form. It is under the Trusteeship of The Diocese of Westminster in partnership with the RC Diocese of Southwark.

St Richard Reynolds Catholic College is a place where our young people come first, are loved, listened to, challenged and inspired. We are part of the Catholic Church and at all times serves as a witness to our Catholic faith in Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Mission Statement:

St Richard Reynolds is a Catholic community rooted in the love of Christ in which we help each other to become the person whom God has created us to be. We do this so that children entrusted to us will:

  • experience the benefit of positive relationships
  • develop ‘bucket loads’ of confidence
  • attain the academic outcomes they need and are capable of
  • develop the skills and attributes that will help them succeed in tomorrow’s world
  • grow in faith and strive to live their lives as the person God has created them to be

We follow St Richard Reynolds’ call to ‘See the good things of the Lord’ in each other, in our academic studies, in our appreciation of the world around us and in our own God-given gifts and talents.

The Reception – Year 13 Experience:

We are proud to be a College providing a broad and balanced education from Reception to Year 13. Our Leadership, teaching and support team work across the College enabling a richer, more connected and enhanced learning, spiritual, moral and physical environment.

Our Leadership Team (LT) are responsible for the overall work of the school with each member taking responsibility for specific aspects of the school’s work: Learning, Teaching and Assessment, Behaviour and Welfare, Inclusion, and Outcomes. Two members of the team have responsibility for Primary and Sixth Form respectively however each member of the Leadership Team looks at the whole College and each team in the school is line managed by a member of the LT.

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