The Brakenhale School

The Brakenhale School

About the school

We are the fastest growing secondary school in Bracknell Forest, which is something we have worked hard to achieve and are very proud of. I believe that the some of the reasons why Brakenhale is now the school of choice for many parents is because of our strong focus on high standards and outstanding teaching. Our examination results have improved significantly across the last two years. Many students at Brakenhale are leaving with results far in excess of what they had been predicted to achieve against national benchmarks with a significant increase in students gaining top grades across the board. This is an outstanding achievement and shows that our drive and commitment to improve the life chances of all our students is working. I am very proud to work alongside established teachers and leaders with a proven track record in delivering high quality learning results with excellent outcomes for students.

The school has a very strong ethos centred on the belief that every student has the right to achieve their potential. It is this, which drives and motivates all members of our community in supporting all of our students in their learning. I have very high standards and expectations of our students, which they continue to meet. The changes that we have brought about to the school they have embraced with great passion. Brakenhale students are an exceptional group of young people who play a significant role in creating a warm positive and friendly community that has a very special feel to it.

My aim as the Headteacher of Brakenhale is to continue to support, develop and encourage our students in order to equip them academically and socially for their futures.

I very much look forward to welcoming both you and your child to our school and for you to benefit from this excellent learning environment.

Jane Coley,

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