The Henrietta Barnett School

The Henrietta Barnett School

About the school

Founded in 1911, The Henrietta Barnett School is a state grammar academy for girls aged 11-18 years.

Dame Henrietta Barnett fought to ensure that women had access to educational opportunities equal to those of men. Her commitment was to provide the highest level of achievement, regardless of social, economic, cultural, ethnic or religious background.

Dame Henrietta Barnett’s legacy continues into the 21st century. After more than one hundred years The Henrietta Barnett School is still situated in the peaceful centre of Hampstead Garden Suburb, in a charming Lutyens-designed Grade II* Listed Building fully complemented by recent modern additions, at the heart of the conservation area.

We hope that Dame Henrietta would recognise the School as it is today – in beautiful and peaceful surroundings, educating girls in a single sex environment, achieving excellent results and university entrance rates and recognised as one of the top girls’ schools in the country.

Over the last hundred years, the School has become a warm, vibrant, lively, exciting place or girls to learn – one that provides a high quality education within a caring and secure environment. We pride ourselves on our academic success, all-round education and pastoral care. We encourage all students to get involved in the extensive extra-curricular and leadership opportunities, develop their intellectual curiosity and to fulfil their academic and personal potential.

Our shared vision which reflects our ethos and values is as follows:

The Henrietta Barnett School (HBS) is a warm, friendly and vibrant community that prides itself on happy and productive relationships. We are consistently one of the top state schools in the country and have an exemplary local and national reputation for academic excellence.

Dame Henrietta Barnett strongly believed in the power of education to shape people’s lives and founded the School to provide educational opportunities of the highest quality for its students. She built the School on the principle that education should be open to girls from different backgrounds to study and learn together and from each other. This principle is alive and well at HBS.

We provide a broad education that is ambitious, varied and stimulating. Academic excellence and a wide range of extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities are offered in an open, caring and supportive environment, enabling each individual to thrive and achieve her potential. We are committed to developing the whole person, encouraging students to explore their interests in a wide variety of ways and promoting curiosity of mind, independence of spirit and a love of learning.

In a culture of respect for others but without the need for bells or lists of imposed rules, HBS students are driven by self-motivation, self-discipline and a common purpose, a thirst for learning and a strong sense of pride in belonging to the diverse, inclusive, high-performing, friendly and supportive school community. They leave HBS full of integrity and ambition, ready and equipped to make a positive contribution to society, with the world at their fingertips.

“An ambitious curriculum provides pupils with the skills and awareness they need to succeed in their future lives. Governors, leaders, staff, pupils and parents share your high expectations for all pupils, including those with SEND. Throughout the inspection, inspectors saw nothing less than impeccable behaviour with pupils highly interested in their learning.” Ofsted 2019

“Quite rightly, the content covered goes far beyond the aims outlined in the national curriculum. This underpins pupils’ excellent academic achievements.” Ofsted 2019

“The school’s provision for pupils’ broader development is of high quality. A rich programme of extra-curricular activities is offered, including in sports and the arts. Many pupils succeed in local and national competitions, including in technology and mathematics. Societies, after-school trips and special events all help pupils develop their understanding of culture, diversity and equality.” Ofsted 2019

“The quality of education at the school has been maintained. A strong leadership team fosters a culture where high achievement permeates the school. This is the case in academic studies and in pupils’ personal development.” Ofsted 2019

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