The Langley Academy

The Langley Academy

About the school

The Langley Academy is a unique academy that serves the young people of Langley, Slough and further afield. Housed in an iconic building, designed by Foster and Partners, it specialises in Science, pioneers the use of museum learning and aims to become a centre of excellence for sports, notably rowing and cricket.

The Langley Academy aims for the highest achievement for all and to provide a welcoming, imaginative and creative environment which enriches the lives of all involved. We aspire to instil traditional values and promote respect for other beliefs. The Academy will strive to be at the forefront of Science education. We have developed links with national and regional museums to add an external dimension to learning.

“Slough Borough Council welcomes the opportunity to work in partnership with the Arbib Foundation and the DCSF to establish a vibrant and successful Academy, which will bring unique educational benefits to Langley and the wider community”

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