University College School (Senior)

University College School (Senior)

About the school

“UCS is one of the top academic schools in London – but it is far more than that. UCS is genuinely distinctive. At UCS, academic success is just one part of an outstanding all-round education.

We treat every pupil as an individual. We know them all well. We respect them all. We draw out their individual talents and we rejoice in their personal achievements and their individual contribution. Education at UCS is lively and varied, creative and imaginative.

True to the aims of our founders, we encourage intellectual curiosity and we foster a real sense of communal endeavour. More than just a place of study, UCS is an inclusive, tolerant, positive and friendly community. It is stimulating and demanding; cheerful and open-minded.

I believe that UCS is a uniquely happy and successful school. Please visit us and see for yourselves.”

Mark J Beard, Headmaster UCS Foundation

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