UTC Heathrow

UTC Heathrow

About the school

UTC Heathrow is a mixed University Technical College located in Northwood in the London Borough of Hillingdon. It offers its 14-19 year-old students a range of full-time technically oriented courses with an emphasis on aviation engineering, maths and science. It currently has just under 200 students enrolled but this is expected to expand to its maximum capacity of 400.

UTC Heathrow {originally known as Heathrow Aviation Engineering UTC} in 2014 – in response to growing demand for high-calibre professional engineers and technicians, aided by partnerships with Brunel University London, and major local employers British Airways plc and Heathrow Airport.

Students regularly get the chance to work on practical projects with these partners as part of their study, as well as more traditional classroom-based and workshop learning.


Wayne Edwards

Values and vision

UTC Heathrow has a mission to deliver an aviation and engineering focused curriculum, and to enable students with a wide ability range and from all backgrounds to develop knowledge, practical proficiency and business skills, with a view to preparing all students for an economically and socially successful adult life.

The college is committed to providing an employment-led focus, a culture of mutual respect and personal development for all students and staff, and to supporting every student to achieve his or her full potential.


Report relates to Heathrow Aviation Engineering UTC – New School started September 2018.

“The arrangements for safeguarding are effective. The headteacher is unequivocal about placing pupils’ welfare before all other priorities and has taken effective action to refine the school’s arrangements since joining.”

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