Wellington Eagles Primary Academy

Wellington Eagles Primary Academy

About the school

Wellington Eagles is a new purpose-built school based within a new housing development in Ludgershall, Wiltshire. It is sited on what used to be the old Salisbury Plain Barracks and vehicle depot, both of which have been demolished to make way for 246 family homes and the school. At Wellington Eagles Primary Academy we firmly believe that every child in our care has the right to be truly inspired by an engaging and purposeful curriculum. We have based our curriculum around ‘The curious Child’ and we have dedicated staff who are passionate about providing our children with enriching and exciting experiences so that they can all achieve success in their learning journey. We actively encourage our children to be enthusiastic, resilient, collaborative and aspirational and believe that this supports them on their path to becoming life-long learners.

Our Wellington Primaries promote:

  • Excellence through the rigorous learning of key skills within a rich and broad curriculum.
  • Holistic learning by developing the whole child.
  • Innovation in the way that we teach and learn.
  • Collaboration with parents and carers, the RWBAT Family, the military community and local primary schools.

Our ambition for Wellington Eagles Primary Academy is the same ambition we have for all schools in the RWBAT Family: to provide an outstanding education for all its pupils. At Wellington Eagles pupils will learn how to work hard and study well, to be good and do good, setting them up for a future of success and wellbeing whatever they choose to do in their lives.

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