Whitley Park Primary and Nursery School

Whitley Park Primary and Nursery School

About the school

Our school motto is ‘Aspire, Believe, Achieve’ and we are committed to ensuring that all children succeed and do well.

We aim to provide an inspiring, caring school environment where all children feel secure, valued and happy. We expect our children to show respect and tolerance towards each other and we support them to have high aspirations for themselves in all aspects of school life. All staff in our school are committed to ensuring that pupils are equipped with the skills that they need to be successful lifelong learners and we do this by providing a school curriculum which encourages children to build on their skills, knowledge and understanding through rich and varied learning experiences.

Aims of the School

Pastoral (Ethos / Values / Morals / Attitudes)

  • For all pupils to fulfil their potential and to gain confidence in expressing their individuality
  • To respect each other, the school, the environment and ourselves
  • To value and develop the need to collaborate and co-operate with others within a safe and stimulating learning environment
  • To have clear expectations about standards of academic attainment, behaviour and self-discipline and for pupils to take increasing responsibility for their own actions
  • To ensure all pupils gain the relevant knowledge and skills that they need for the next stage in their learning and for their adult life
  • To develop a spiritual and moral understanding and appreciation of the beliefs, abilities, backgrounds, race and gender of themselves and others

School and Community

(Partnership with Parents, Governors, Local Community and Equal Opportunities)

  • To develop positive working relationships with parents and other community members within a warm, friendly, secure and accessible environment.
  • To encourage the individual talents and creativity of pupils, staff and the community and to offer opportunities for the whole school to share these experiences
  • To ensure efficient and effective communication exists between school members, parents and the wider community
  • To celebrate and promote the school’s values and achievement

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