Using Your school Jobs

A few simple rules and conditions for Recruiters, Advertisers and Jobseekers.

  1. The Site

Your School Jobs (YSJ) is operated and managed by Ambleglow Limited (Reg 01540192).

YSJ operates as a job board. It offers a facility for Recruiters and Advertisers to list their vacancies to encourage interest and applications from Jobseekers directly.

YSJ’s involvement in the recruitment process is limited to the general advice to Recruiters, Advertisers and Jobseekers which is available on the site and its associated postings via social media and email. Specific advice on vacancy listing content is also provided to those Recruiters and Advertisers who request it.

YSJ operates on a not for profit basis. Operating surplus is re-invested in developing and promoting the resource for schools.

  1. Use of the site

If you use the site as a Recruiter, Advertiser or Jobseeker, you are accepting these rules and conditions. You are also indemnifying us against any claim brought against us if you do not meet your responsibility to the site.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these rules and conditions, you should get in touch with the YSJ team before using the site.

  1. Your Responsibility

Recruiters have a responsibility to ensure that vacancies listed comply fully with current UK employment legislation, and that Jobseekers who apply to them as a result are treated fairly and responsibly.

Advertisers have a responsibility to ensure that vacancies, products and services described comply with all relevant UK legislation, that they are authorised to advertise the vacancy, product or service, and that they have permission to use any branding, trade names or other copyright material contained within their advertisement or listing.

Jobseekers must ensure they are permitted to work in the area they are applying for and deal fairly and responsibly when responding to a listing and take reasonable care during the application process.

  1. Amendments and changes

Recruiters and Advertisers are responsible for the accuracy of their listings and advertisements. Errors will be corrected by the YSJ team, and amendments will be made. These will be made as quickly as possible during normal working hours. Where additional costs are involved in making amendments or correcting listings, Recruiters and Advertisers will be advised of those costs beforehand. No liability can be accepted by YSJ for any loss or inconvenience to Advertisers, Recruiters or JobSeekers as a result of any delay, omission or error.

YSJ reserves the right to request changes to listings and advertisements either before or during the insertion of the listing or advertisement. The reason for requesting changes will always be given. Any third party cost incurred in making these changes will be the responsibility of the Recruiter or Advertiser. Where agreement on changes or amendments can not be reached. YSJ reserves the right to cancel or remove a listing or advertisement.

  1. Copyright and intellectual property

Whilst copyright of the original material, content and intellectual property contained within the site rests with YSJ, and use of the site gives users no proprietary rights, we do permit its use elsewhere. Material and content on this site may be copied in full, provided written permission from YSJ is obtained prior to use. Material and content may be used in part, or quoted from, provided YSJ is acknowledged as its source, and our rights over the material acknowledged.

  1. Data protection

Our use of personal and other information supplied by users of YSJ will be in accordance with our privacy policy (link). You can ask for your details to be amended or removed at any time.

  1. Invoicing

Invoices are due for payment within 30 days from the date of issue.

Invoices for our standard listings, will normally be raised monthly and include all activity in the previous period.

Bundles of listings will be invoiced in full and should be paid for before the first insertion appears.

Annual subscriptions will be invoiced annually or quarterly as agreed.

  1. Termination

An advertisement or listing, or series of advertisements or listings may be cancelled at any time prior to insertion. Any unused listings or advertisements will be refunded or a credit issued as appropriate. Subscriptions may be cancelled by giving one month’s notice and any unused portion of the subscription will be refunded or a credit issued as appropriate. Bundles of listings should be used within one calendar year of purchase. They may be cancelled at any time with the unused listings refunded, credited, or included in a subsequent bundle as agreed.

These terms and conditions will be reviewed and updated from time to time as required.

Your School Jobs, March 2023.

For Schools. Not for Profit.